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Trade Account

Do you provide Trade Discount?
We love working with interior designers, architects, developers and provide you ... more
Do I need to create an account before submitting a quote request?
No, you are welcome to submit your quote request as a guest. However, we highly ... more
Do I have to provide any payment information when I submit my quote request?
No. Requesting a quotation is absolutely free, and you will not be obligated to ... more
What kind of discount should I expect?
We won't know the precise amount of your discount until we receive detailed info... more
How will I receive my quoation?
We will send your quotation through email, together with all of the data regardi... more
How long will it take for me to receive my quotation once I submit it?
Preparing and sending your quotation usually takes a couple of hours or less. Ho... more
How long does my quotation remain valid once I receive it?
Your quotation's default expiration date is set at 2 weeks from the date you rec... more
Do you waive sales tax for trade customers?
If you are holding a valid reseller certificate and purchasing products for resa... more
I requested a quotation some time ago but have yet to get it?
We begin working on each quote request as soon as we get it, so if you haven't g... more
Why is the product in my quotation priced the same as it is on your website?
Your discount is almost always applied to the total amount. Despite the fact tha... more
Will you hold the products in my quotation until I make my final decision?
We are unable to reserve your products until you place your actual order. Becaus... more
How do I reactivate an expired quote?
By responding to your quotation email, you can request an extension for your exp... more
What if I don't have the exact shipping address yet?
Simply use your own address and provide a remark in your estimate request if you... more
What if I need my order to be delivered to multiple locations?
If you are submitting a request for a project that requires split shipping to mu... more
What if I required multiple items in the same quote?
You can repeat Step 1 for as many different items as you wish before submitting ... more