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Do you recommend scotchguarding?
No. Most fabrics in our collections are stain resistant and therefore do not req... more
What is Camira?
Camira is a trademark of a highly reputable British upholstery fabric manufactur... more
What is the difference between PU and PPM Leatherette?
Both PU and PPM leatherette are faux/eco leathers made of Polyurethane. PPM stan... more
What is the difference between Walnut Beech Wood and American Walnut Wood?
American Walnut Wood is made out of walnut tree and it's treated to present its ... more
Do you have all products in stock?
We receive inventory information from manufacturers at certain period of times a... more
Can I order fabric / material samples?
Yes, please contact us by using the Contact Us Form on our web site or send us a... more
Will my item look exactly like the picture?
In short answer it may not. Cressina makes every effort to provide high quality ... more
Will my product(s) be assembled when it arrives?
Most of our furniture will require light assembly such as chairs, stools, sofas ... more
I can't decide on color or materials. Can you send me samples?
If you are unsure about any of our materials or colors you may request free swat... more
Where are your products manufactured?
It depends the manufacturer of the product. Here are some of our brands and thei... more
What is the warranty on your products?
All of our products are sold with an existing warranty given by the manufacturer... more